The 5 Best Playdate Ideas from Latina Celebs

As you know, playdates can be just like date night—in order to keep it interesting, sometimes you have to switch things up. Here are a few ideas for quality time with your kiddos, courtesy of your fave celebs. 



Roller skating like Christina Milian

Give your child the gift of going old school roller skating by hitting up a rink and renting those skates. 



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Backyard picnics like Jessica Alba

The easiest way to create some time together? Moving mealtime to the outdoors—picnic time, anyone? 



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Movie time like Jennifer Lopez

So you may not be starring in the movie like J.Lo, but who doesn’t love popcorn and treats while watching a flick? 


Sport dates like Alessandra Ambrosio

These seats can’t be rivaled, but whether you hit up a basketball game or your local little league, watching a game together is always a fun idea. 



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Hikes like Zoe Saldaña

Just being outside with your niño or niña and spending time together is the best—and it’s a tradition that will grow over time.