Best Backpacks for Your Pre-K Kid’s Personality

My little buddy starts pre-k next month and I’m both a little sad (he’s growing up so fast!) and excited (yay, his educational journey is about to kick off!). I’m also having fun getting all his essentials together, including the biggie — his backpack!  My buddy’s pick: Minions! I took him to see the movie this summer and it was 1.5 hours of pure Minion entertainment for him and also for me. He couldn’t stop talking about the movie long after we left the theatre, so I decided right then and there to surprise him with a Minion backpack! 

I want to make this great adventure (a major milestone!) as fun as possible and inject some humor into school supplies. I chose to play up my kid’s funny personality with a backpack to match — one that I knew would put a smile on his face every time he pulls it over his shoulder. Here, I’ve gathered 6 cute backpacks for different personalities, so you can find one your kid will love, too!


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