Easy Tuck Braid Headband Tutorial

Holiday Hair in a Hurry Skipping off to your next Christmas party just got easier with this ultra simple, statement-making hair tutorial. Perfect for the girl-on-the-go, this quick and easy tuck braid headband tutorial can get you out the door in a hurry.

Creating this tuck braid headband provides quickly groomed hair that’s away from your face and way more stylish than simply tucking your hair behind your ears. (Plus, this is a great style tip for a fringe or layers that are being grown out.)

Why it’s great for the festive season & more:

  • It’s easy to do just about anywhere
  • It’s simple and pretty—the simplest styles sometimes attract the most eyes
  • It’s fantastic for any type of soiree
  • It’s quick
  • It gets you out of a hair rut
  • It turns a bad hair day into something polished and presentable
  • It lasts all day
  • It gets your hair out of your face


  • Two small hair bands
  • Large hair clip
  • Four bobby pins
  • Holding hairspray


Step 1: Lift up your crown and secure with a clip.

Step 2: Take a small section of hair on both sides of your head. (Usually the amount of hair that lies in front of and on top of each ear is best.)

Step 3: Start creating a french braid near the scalp, and then continue braiding until you’ve reached about halfway down the parted section.

Step 4: Secure with a hair band or use a hair clamp to hold braid in place. (The need to use a band depends on the thickness of your hair.)

Step 5: Tuck the braid underneath your hair that’s being held in the large clip. Hold your side braid in place by criss-crossing two bobby pins together. The weight of your loose hair in the back will disguise the pins when you let it loose.

Step 6: Repeat on the other side.

Step 7: Spray both sides in place with firm holding hairspray.


Hair by Maritza Buelvas of Beauty For Bloggers

Photography by Will Walker of Will Walker Studios

Modelling by Karolina O.

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