Etsy Find: Nautical Inspired LeashesEven though I was ready for cooler temperatures I find myself dreaming of summer already.

It’s going to be a long winter. If you are trying, like me, to hang onto  the memories of summer these Nautical themed leashes from Etsy Seller The Fair Lead might just do the trick. All the leashes are handmade from marine grade material and the leather handle offers a soft, yet sturdy grip.

Etsy Find: Nautical Inspired Leashes

Your dog will be the talk of the dog park when the two of your stroll up with one of these unique and sporty leashes. 

Have two dogs? Check out the Double Doggy Coupler. With it’s swivel clip even the two rowdiest pups won’t tangle it up. 

Etsy Find: Nautical Inspired Leashes

Always remember, no matter how well trained your dog is they are still a dog so it is better to keep them on a leash when near cars or streets, with these you can do that in style.