Set a “Kid’s Only” Thankgiving Table This Year

If you’ve never set a “Kid’s Only” Thanksgiving Table before, here are a few great ideas and finds to help you get started on a new Thanksgiving Tradition that will help keep the kids entertained and seated throughout your Thanksgiving dinner.




Cover the entire table with inexpensive butcher paper and grab their attention right away with this simple DIY that uses easy handwritten checklists for each child’s place setting and gets them interested in checking off the food items they eat off their plates as the meal progresses.

Image from Southern Living


altAnd here’s a fun kids activity that you can do with the kids beforehand, to help get them excited about making an eyecatching centerpiece for their own Thanksgiving table. You can use gourds to make these cute turkey gobblers or this is also a great project for helping to recycle any leftover Halloween Pumpkins that you may still have hanging around the house!

Image from Martha Stewart



If you want to keep them in their seats all the way until Dessert is served, this Thanksgiving Box of Questions party game is a fun way to keep their attention and is a great conversation starter for all the kids at the table.

Image from Amazon


altAnd while no Thanksgiving would ever really be complete without a few spills, these cute personalized “no spill” Thanksgiving sippy mugs are a great way to help keep the table dry and will also give each one of your little guests a fun party favour to take home with them too!

Image from Etsy