We have a toddler in our house…the world with a toddler means grabby little hands, flushing the toliet 1000 times a day and starting to potty train.

Luckily our son is interested in bodily functions and the toilet. However, I now realise that potty training means spending a lot of time hanging out in the bathroom. And if my son and I going to spend an unusal amount of time lounging in the bathroom, it’d better be really clean!

Marni on the Clorox ToiletWand

With potty training and a spotless toilet on my mind, I went to the store and purchased the Clorox ToiletWand Disposable Toilet Cleaning System. I love everything about this product—It comes with a wand, a storage caddy, and disposable cleaning heads PRELOADED with cleanser. Good-bye gross toilet brush and hello clean, disinfected toilet! The storage caddy is also a perfect add-on for the pods and wand. I can keep it all contained and locked safe and sound inside my bathroom vanity, away from Mr. Grabby hands.

Potty Training and the Clorox ToiletWand

I love that the toilet bowl can be scrubbed everywhere – up, down and under the rim. And as I scrub away, the toilet bowl turns blue. To me this means a wonderfully clean and disinfected toilet. From the viewpoint of my little one, I can be confident that he can focus on the job that needs to get done in a healthy environment.

Marni on the Clorox ToiletWand

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