Cleaning & Organisation

DIY All-In-One Laundry Bombs That Actually Work

As a mum of three boys, my life pretty much revolves around laundry. IT. NEVER. STOPS.I need a detergent that cleans clothes, cuts through tough stains, works well on both whites and colours, eliminates odours, and isn’t full of nasty chemicals. It’s also nice if I can find an affordable option, since I use so […]

food storage

10 Food Storage Containers For Every Possible Situation

Life is chaotic enough without having to deal with disorganized pantries, spoiled produce and leaky lunches. There’s really nothing worse than finding out your balsamic vinaigrette spilled all over your bag. But there are so many food storage containers on the market that it can be daunting to pick the perfect set. Lucky for you, I’ve […]


How to Remove Sweat Stains

Everywhere you look there are signs of spring and the promise of warmer temperatures and outdoor fun. The down side of warmer days are sweat stains on our clothes. While prevention is the best way to keep sweat stains at bay, the unsightly spots are inevitable for many of us. Sweating is a part of […]


5 Tips for Achieving a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

The zero-waste movement is rising in popularity these days. And while reducing waste is one thing – achieving a zero-waste lifestyle is not as easy. Consider the times you and your colleagues bring disposable coffee cups to the office or when your teens bring chips and drinks home in plastic grocery bags. Using disposable utensils, […]

Cleaning & Organisation

How To Fold a T-Shirt the Marie Kondo Way

A few years ago, my best friend and I read Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. We’re always on the hunt for some mythical way to manage all of our stuff, our kids’ stuff, and the other random stuff littered around our houses. I wish I could say we read the book cover-to-cover, […]

Cleaning & Organisation

15 Brilliant Uses for the Magic Eraser

Magic Erasers really are magic when it comes to cleaning dirt and grime off of surfaces. The “magic” comes from their ability to get into the grooves of most surfaces, even ones so tiny that you can’t really see them. But did you know that those little white sponge-like things can do so much more? […]