[FREE PRINTABLES] Mini Spring Baskets


These little baskets remind me of the Easter parties we used to have in primary school — the teachers or parents would pass out little treats and each kid got to have a few jelly beans or a tiny chocolate bunny. I loved it! Whether you celebrate Easter or just spring, these baskets are so sweet and just too cute to pass up. I whipped up a free template for you to download so that you can make 'em to your heart's content! Fill them with candy, trinkets, or just Easter grass to use as teeny tiny decorations. These are all over my house!


  • free printable template
  • printer
  • pretty patterned paper
  • scissors
  • tiny coloured brads, available at your local craft store
  • goodies to put in the baskets


Step 1: Download the free template. Load your pretty paper into your printer so that the template will print on the back side of the paper; that way the patterned side will stay clean and the print lines will be hidden.


Step 2: Cut the basket out along the solid lines, leaving the dotted lines intact.


Step 3: Fold along the dotted lines, folding toward the back side of the paper.


Step 4: Attach the joints with the tiny brads. The tabs that are used to connect the sides of the basket will be hidden in back of the side adjacent. Use four brads to connect the box portion (one brad for each tab) and one extra brad to connect the handle of the basket.


Step 5: Fill the tiny baskets with Easter grass or little sweets and give them to the folks you love! Happy Easter!