5 Spring Date Ideas to Celebrate the New Season

I don’t know about you, but I fell into a winter dating slump. I was so admittedly content living in leggings and giant, fuzzy cardigans, hanging out with Jack, and watching movies.

There was not one piece of me that wanted to put on skinny jeans or a freakin’ dress and go on a first date. It seemed like such a chore. Like, uh, I have to put on fitted clothes and makeup and drink a brrrrrr, freezing cocktail on the rocks? No way! My cosy apartment with heat and popcorn and the pizza guy on speed dial was so much sexier. Big LOL. But these days, spring is literally in the air and dating seems easier and exciting. Here, five outdoor dates that will jump-start your dating life (even your married date life, if you’re not single like me!): 

  1. Farmer’s Market. Meet up at a local farmer’s market and rediscover each other (or get to know each other) while you create the ultimate picnic lunch. I’m super lucky because the farmer’s market near my home carries everything. There’s obviously fresh produce, including sliced melon and fruit salad, but there’s also a deli, sushi station, and small bakery with muffins and chocolate-covered pretzels. After selecting a yummy lunch, there’s a park five minutes away where we can nosh and chat. (And, duh, don’t be afraid to serve up some champagne. That’s what the crate of strawberries is for!)
  2. City Brunch. Ditch stuffy restaurants this season and head to a place that has city (or cutesy town) pavement seating and a fab brunch menu featuring the Mimosa and Bloody Mary sisters. Eating, drinking, and people watching is a fun way to connect. And since you’re on a footpath, after the meal you can walk it off and window shop.
  3. Sports Match. Casual clothes and a loud, vibrant crowd makes for a fun date (and it takes the pressure off if it’s a first date). And who doesn’t love park food — beer, pies and hot dogs? You don’t have to break the bank and go to a big game either. Local sports events are just as much fun. 
  4. Botanical Garden. What’s more romantic than walking around a maze of gorgeous flowers and plants with someone you love — or with someone on a first date?  I say, not much else. Pack some chocolate-covered cherries to enjoy while you take in the cherry blossoms, of course! 
  5. Classic Drinks & Dinner with a Twist. A cocktail and a meal is a tried-and-true idea for a first date. But instead of meeting at the bar for a cocktail, suggest a rooftop bar with a view or a sweet courtyard lit up by entangled twinkling lights. The fresh air, dark sky and crisp cocktails are the perfect prerequisite for dinner. As for dinner: Keep it fresh and light: Think cheese boards, Tapas, or sushi.

What are your fave spring date ideas? 

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