Fame and Fortune on the Internet

Elizabeth has been walking around the house singing “Rolling in the Deep” for the past couple of weeks. While her raspy voice is perfect for Adele’s ballad, it throws me a bit to hear her sing, “There’s a fire burning in my heart”.

I thought I understood why she was singing Adele. Obviously, going through a divorce means I have Adele on my iTunes and listen to her rather often.

Almost as often as I listen to No Doubt’s Don’t Speak album because seriously, what a great break up album.

And I just aged myself.

Still, I would prefer my two and a half year old to listen and sing Rafi or even The Wiggles. Finally, after listening to her rasp out her song, I finally asked, “Why are you singing that song?”

“I want to sing it on YouTube.”

I stared, opened my mouth, closed it. Opened it again. “YouTube?”

“I famous!”


At that point Joseph ran in. “I’ve been rehearsin’ dancing!”


“We’re going to be famous, Mama! Isn’t that cool?”


And off they walked, my two gingers. Joseph tossing his body into his version of dancing, looking for all the world like he was swatting at a fly. Elizabeth singing in her little voice “The scars of your love remind me of us.”

Do you upload videos of your children to YouTube?