Would You Pay Someone to Pack Your Kid’s Bag for Camp?

Have you guys heard there's actually experts out there who will pack up your kid perfectly for sleep-away camp? LOL professional summer camp packers

They work for "organisation agencies" with names like Chaos Theory and are skilled to include delicate touches like French-milled soap and scented candles to your child's bag. WT*. These must be some pretty swanky kids and camps if they need that kind of stuff in their bags. What about candy contraband and summer reading? 


And of course these are fancy-shamcy people. Most of the clients are, no shock here, affluent New York City mums who can pay a whopping $250 per hour and don't feel like packing up their kiddos (for that kind of dough, I'd do it!) 

But to be, er, fair, there's a reason to hire a pro packer, according to the article. These so-called experts have access to things like camp bedding, so the moms can feel the sheets for softness and decide if the thread count is OK (LOL). Professional packers also serve as therapists for their inflated hourly fee, talking mums off the anxiety inducing "packing ledge." 

I'll let you in on a little secret: I'm too in love and obsessed with my kid to let a stranger pack anything for him let alone a summer away from home. 

Jack, 6, isn't going to sleep-away camp, but I'm eagerly awaiting the supply list for the day camp he's attending this summer. He's going to a great camp that offers swimming, crafts, sports, and more. There's a hot lunch and ice cream program, too. 

Packing him up daily won't be nearly as extreme as a sleep-away-camp scenario, but I still need to send a beach towel, swimmers and extra clothing, snacks, sunblock, shin guards — and every day I will pack his bag with care and double check it, just like I do before we walk to the school bus.

As a single working mum, knowing I can cross off worrying if I packed my son's homework folder, snacks, lunch, and extras is a relief. If I forget something there's only me to make it right and that means leaving work to messenger something over to the school. 

At the end of the day, I know my little guy best and I want to add the sweet personal touches to the things he takes with him, like the I LOVE YOU post-it note I stuck on his sandwich container this morning after our glorious, long holiday weekend at the Jersey shore. A professional packer can't do that.

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