5 Ways Your Day Is the Same, Whether You’re a SAHM or a Working Mum

Since I’ve been both at home and working in an office since becoming a mum, I have a sense of what it’s like to be a SAHM and a working mum — and while there are plenty of differences, there are some major similarities too. (The big headline: Being a mum is insane either way!) Here’s what both experiences were like for me.

Morning Routine:


SAHM: Wake up and realise it’s only 5 am and I have an entire day ahead of me that involves baby entertaining, housework, and everything else.

WM: Wake up and it’s like OH SH*T. It’s just tunnel vision untill I drop off my kid at daycare and get to work.

Takeaway: In both cases, I was EXHAUSTED BY 9 am

Lunch Routine:

SAHM: Inhale food while standing over the sink.

WM: Shovel a salad into my mouth while furiously typing at the computer.

Takeaway: I was too damn busy to enjoy lunch, whether I was at home or in the office.


SAHM: Drive to the Maccas drive-through for caffeine and wish my baby would sleep.

WM: Hit the cafe for an expresso then hide in my office wishing for 10 minutes of… nothing.

Takeaway: Wherever I was, I was desperate for a few minutes of quiet time.

Early Evening: 

SAHM: Cook dinner while bouncing my baby on my hip.

WM: Pick up a pizza because I’m late to daycare pickup.

Takeaway: Either way it was hectic. Everyone was STARVING.


My kid doesn’t want to go to bed, I feel like my head’s gonna explode — it doesn’t matter where I’ve been all day.

Takeaway: The dinner-bath-bedtime slog sucks.

Sound familiar?

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