The 10 Commandments of Family Holidays

It’s the holidays! Woohoo!!!

We’re about to have some quality family togetherness in a hotel for a while, dear children. These are the rules to make sure everyone has fun.

Hey — are you even listening to me? This was a really expensive trip.

1. Thy Mum and Dad are, in fact, in charge.

2. Thou shall not beg for overpriced trinkets at every gift shop.

3. Thou shall not constantly complain that your best friends couldn’t come with you.

4. Thou shall not ruin the ONE NICE DINNER Mum and Dad try to have during this trip, dammit.

5. Thou shall not annoy your siblings in planes, trains or automobiles.

6. Thou shall not repeatedly complain about the rain throughout the movie Mum and Dad rented because it is raining out. They are fully aware of the weather at all times, particularly rain, particularly when it forces them to stay in a tiny room full of small whiny people for hours on end.

7. Thou shall not say, “I’m bored.” Not even once.

8. Thou shall not draw on the hotel room walls.

9. Though shall not toss things off the balcony (including your pee).

10. Thou shall not make Mum and Dad regret ever booking this family holiday.

Graphic: Kim Bongiorno