Lunchbox Lids + 9 Other Things Kids Lose Constantly

I order lunchboxes and lunchbox containers at the beginning of every school year, thinking we’ll be set for the year. But, fewer lids make it home from school each month — and it’s clear those lids are lost and they’re never going to be found. So, I order an entirely new set in spring, hoping it will last through summer. It never does.

It’s not just lunchbox lids that my kids lose. You see, they’re A+ students when it comes to losing stuff, especially if it’s one of these things:


1. Shoes

You’d think something that is attached to my children’s feet would be hard to lose. But no matter what, my kids can’t keep track of their shoes. They usually lose them in the house (at least I know the shoes can be found?). But on occasion, they’ll lose them at the park or school causing me to wonder why my kids weren’t wearing shoes in the first place.

2. Underwear

I feel like I’d notice if I weren’t wearing undies, but apparently my kids are different. Every time they change their clothes at swim class or a friend’s house, they lose their skivvies. I’d be so embarrassed, but my kids? Not so much.

3. Water bottles

If I were smarter, I’d just invest in the actual water bottle company. I have purchased so many water bottles — eight so far this year alone — that I’m basically a stock holder by now. And of course the minute the kids can’t find them is the exact time they’re thirsty. 

4. Homework folder

Maybe the real homework assignment is keeping track of your own homework folder because my older kid can’t seem to keep track of his. He never seems to lose the remote control or my iPad, however, so maybe I’ll just put his homework folder on the iPad so he can always find it.

5. Library books

Friday is library day at my son’s school, which means we have to scramble every Thursday night to find his library book. I always suggest he puts the book in the exact same place when he’s done. Maybe one day he’ll listen.

6. Jackets

Thankfully we live in California; if my kids lived anywhere else they’d freeze. That’s because they can’t seem to keep track of those cute hoodies and jackets I buy for them every fall. Maybe next year I just won’t bother. 

7. Favourite toys

My kids have bins filled with toys, but there’s always one toy they can’t live without. And that toy is the one that will get lost. If you’ve ever been around a kid who can’t find the toy he is currently obsessed with, you know there is no search party big enough to find that missing toy.

8. Hats

If it’s cold enough to wear a hat outside you’d think that kids would keep their hats on, but they don’t. My kids love to leave their hats at every park and play space. It’s as if they are trying to decorate the world with head coverings. 

9. Lunch Money

Without fail, if I give my son money for snack or lunch, he’ll lose it. I’d give him a credit card, but he’ll definitely lose that too.

What do your kids keep losing track of?

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