Kylie Jenner Is Only 17. Why Are Her Parents OK with Her Dating an Adult?

I try not to pick on the Kardashians. I really do. Sure, in my mind, they are famous for…wait, why are they famous? But, matriarch Kris Jenner has been incredibly savvy and she’s built a $65 million family empire — so, I try to apply a “live and let live” attitude when I read stories about their various escapades for their reality show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” But, I can’t help but wonder why Kris and her estranged husband Bruce Jenner haven’t publicly tried to stop Kylie’s relationship with 25-year-old rapper Tyga? Why are they OK with this relationship? Or, if they’re not OK with it, why are they remaining silent, which makes it seem like they’re OK with it?

Because here’s the thing: These parents are transparent about pretty much everything else in their lives — Kris broadcasts all of her ups and downs on KUWTK and Bruce has made no secret of the fact that he’s transitioning into a woman — why aren’t they talking about (or paying attention to?) what’s going on with Kylie? Yes, their little girl is famous, but she’s still only 17. A high schooler. By allowing Kylie to engage in a romantic relationship with an adult — which is illegal, by the way — the Jenners are allowing their daughter to be placed in situations that she’s simply not mature enough to handle. 


For example, Tyga was in a relationship with the mother of his son, hip-hop artist Blac Chyna, until he started seeing Kylie. So of course Chyna and Kylie had to battle it out on social media. To Kylie, the feud might have been equivalent to fighting with the mean girls in high school. But for Chyna — an adult who is dealing with the loss of the father of her child — the whole thing is much more serious than a high school squabble. And I couldn’t help but wonder why Kylie was allowed to travel unsupervised through Europe with Tyga? Where were her parents? What if something happened to her? Sure, teenage girls all think they have the street smarts and emotional maturity to handle anything — even, apparently, accompanying a rapper through Europe — but that doesn’t mean they do. 

I’m sure Kris’ role in the Kardashian empire is time-consuming. And I’m sure Bruce’s gender reassignment transformation is physically and emotionally draining. But, Kris and Bruce have more important things to worry about: Their youngest daughter is playing house with a grown man. And she’s simply not mature enough to handle it.

So while I hate to pick on the Kardashians, in this case I can’t help it. The family who talks about everything isn’t talking about this. So I am. Here’s to hoping Kris and Bruce will talk about it and stop allowing their daughter to grow up too fast. Kylie might be famous, but she’s still a kid. She has no business dating a man.

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