Tips for Changing Your Newborn’s Nappys On-the-Go

The thought of feeding, burping, and changing my first baby in public was downright terrifying and reason enough to keep me home for three weeks. I finally got the hang of it all — and then baby #2 came along. Suddenly, I had new concerns to contemplate: How will I handle being out in public with TWO bebes? OMG, what if they both poo at the same time?!?

My anxieties didn’t stick around for long, thanks to the great advice I got from other mums. In no time at all, I was out and about with both boys, without giving their nappys a second thought (until, of course, one of my boys needed to be changed!). Here’s how to take care of even the dirtiest nappy on the run:

1. Choose a nappy bag with lots of different compartments. Packing and gathering your diapering supplies is easy, but trying to find the items in a ginormous bag is not. Pick a nappy bag with a lot of different pockets so you know where everything is. You’ll feel less stressed and you’ll get the job done fast.

2. Pack more nappys than you think you need. If you’re heading to la familia’s house, where you’re bound to hang out for a while, pack six nappys, assuming you’ll have to change your baby about every two hours after feeding (and possibly more).

3. Pick nappys with a high back. To keep those poo explosions from running up your baby’s back, pick nappys with a pocketed-back waistband, like Huggies Little Snugglers. I also like them for their softness and super absorbent liner. On that note…

4. Fan out the nappy at the outer edges. Pull the ruffles of the nappy out on the tush area to help keep your baby’s poo in so it won’t smear out.

5. Pack grocery bags. If you’re going on a long ride in the car, placing dirty nappys in tightly wrapped grocery bags will help lock away the smell. And, if in a pinch…

6. Wrap dirty nappys in two clean nappys. Then, just tuck the mess away in one of those extra pockets in your nappy bag (see #1).

7. Watch out for the “golden showers.” My youngest son pees the second I undo his soiled nappy. If you have a hijo, place a clean nappy over his penis to avoid getting sprayed.

8. Pack sample-size products. Pick up a lip balm-sized tube of nappy cream from your pharmacy. It’s easy to tuck into your nappy bag, and you’ll be able to protect your baby’s sensitive skin on the go.

9. Forgo the travel-pack wipes. Sure, they take up less space, but you really need a regular-sized package of wipes to handle car seat poo accidents, milk spills, and more! I like Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean packs with Natural Care Wipes that can be snapped onto anything from the nappy bag to the stroller.

10. Keep germs away. Lay a changing pad liner underneath and over your portable changing pad to help protect your baby from the “nasties” that lurk on public changing stations. Throw the liners away once you’re done.

11. Stay calm. It’s so true that babies can sense your anxiety and will often react in the same way, making diapering on the go a challenge. So, before laying her down, take a deep breath, relax your shoulders, make eye contact with your bebe, and smile. Odds are, she’ll do the same in return!

*This post is sponsored by Huggies. Thoughts and opinions are my own.