PHOTOS: Celebrity Mums Breastfeeding Their Babies in Public

When I had my first child, I was determined to do everything right. Getting it right, to me, meant breastfeeding my son. And so for a year I nursed him exclusively, rarely giving him a bottle. When a lactation consultant told me I had an oversupply of breast milk, I secretly saw it as a badge of honour. Not only was I going to be the best mum, I was going to be the best breastfeeder as well.

Breastfeeding a child exclusively for a year can be constraining and tiring, however. As much I loved knowing that my child was getting the best of what I had to offer, I felt tethered and lonely. I wasn’t one to breastfeed in public. It just wasn’t my style, nor would my child have it.  He wanted a quiet, dimly lit room while he nursed. So breastfeeding made me feel separate, like I was missing out.

I envied the mums who saw the world as their breastfeeding playground. They’d whip out a boob at the park, a restaurant or a movie theatre without thinking twice, while I was sitting in a dark room alone with my son. So whenever I see a photo of a star breastfeeding her baby, I admire her willingness to share her breastfeeding journey with fans. It’s hard to be a mum in the public eye, and, I imagine, not easy to share such an intimate moment with strangers. Here are my favourite photos of celebrity mums breastfeeding their babies. These women are amazing!

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