31 Things Millennial Mums Couldn’t Live Without

When I was a kid, I always looked up to my mum. Especially after I could view her parenting as an “outsider” once my baby brother came along. She stashed teething rings in our freezer and dressed us up in super-fancy coordinated clothes (remember the silk sailor ensembles, wide-legged rompers, and puffed sleeves of our youth?). My mom was natural, calm, engaging, and glamourous. But I’ll let you in on a little secret: She is more than a little jealous of my own life as a mum.

Because here’s the thing: Millennial mums — you know, those of us who are ages 18 to 34 — have access to more information than my mom’s generation ever did. We don’t have to wait for new issues of our favourite magazines to come out to learn about the latest trends in health, fashion, education, and beyond; this information is at our fingertips. Through social media, we can also connect and exchange ideas about, well, everything, based on the information that swirls around us. And we have the unlimited ability to share our experiences, as well as learn from the experiences of other mums.


Thank to our incredible access to information (and to each other), we’re amazingly well informed as mums. We’re involved in our children’s lives, but without the extremes of our older Generation X sisters (with helicopter mums on one end of the spectrum and free-range mums on the other.) To my mom’s point, we also have some serious advantages over the mums of the Baby Boomer generation. Yes, we are a well-connected, tech-savvy generation…and we just could not live without these 31 things.

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