BFF Has a New Baby? 8 Personalized Baby Gifts She’ll Love

I love giving and receiving personalized baby gifts. They feel like a compliment, as if the giver is saying, “Good job choosing such a cute name. Let’s celebrate!”  Items bearing baby’s name are fun to incorporate in photographs, too.  I especially like personalized gifts for second and third babies. Those kids will mostly be wearing hand-me-downs, so it’s nice to receive something new and fresh (that’s never been spit up on), just for them. 

Although my babies will inevitably outgrow their need for bibs and burp cloths, I will never be able to throw away the personalized items that we received when they were born. They’ll go into the keepsake boxes alongside their coming home from the hospital outfits and first pairs of shoes. Here are some of my favourite sources for personalized baby gifts.