15 Outdoor Playdate Ideas that Will Keep Your Kids Entertained for Hours

Outdoor playdates….don’t those words just make you happy? I am so pumped to invite my daughter’s friends over and get everyone outside to play. We’ll all get some much-needed space and vitamin D, too. But, I know that simply having them go outside to play isn’t enough. They’ll get bored.  So I’m packing the electronics out of sight and setting up some cool outdoor play time ideas for them to try.

When it comes to putting together the perfect outdoor playdate, I am a big believer in thinking outside the box. In school they’re used to structure and order. While some planning is always a good thing, playdates should mostly be about fun and freedom. A little bit of effort on host-mum’s part can make for an unforgettable time for all. Whether in your own backyard or at a local park, a mix of classic games and new trends make our list of the top ideas perfect for everyone in your brood.

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