Surprising Places to Send Your Child’s Birth Announcement (& Get Something Special Back)

When my daughter Willow was born, I wanted to shout it from the rooftops. I’d made it through 40 weeks of anticipation, weight gain and nesting and now I had a beautiful baby in my arms. She was born towards the end of the year, so we used that as our excuse to do a joint birth announcement and holiday card that year. They were so beautiful I ordered way more than necessary and joked to my husband that we should pass them out like business cards at the Christmas parties that year: “Check out this awesome kid! How lucky are we?”

But apparently, my first-time-mum status and lack of mum friends made me unaware of one of the coolest things out there that you can do with those extra birth announcements. Little did I know that there are places all over the world where you can send yours and maybe get something special back. As a big-time scrapbooker and lover of “happy mail,” I would have so shipped my daughter’s announcement to at least one or two of these spots (if only I had known about them!). We’re still a little ways off from baby #2, but I’m keeping this list in my mind for the future. And while there’s no guarantee you’ll definitely hear back, these are the top spots to try.


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