13 Things To Do When It’s Raining And Your Kids Are Stir Crazy AF

D-Keine / Getty Images

Sometimes I get a little desperate to come up with things to do when it’s raining. My kids get so stir crazy! I usually start off in a happy place because I love an excuse to sit inside and read a book, plus I love the fresh smell of rain. But then, I hear the words, “I’m bored,” over and over from my kids and I soon realise that my cosy day is about to get ugly. I believe creativity is born from having unscheduled time; so, although boredom can be a good thing, it can seem daunting when the kids are fighting with each other and we all start losing out patience indoors.

Looking for things to do when it’s raining with your kids? Look no further. The easy activities I’ve come up with don’t require a big shopping spree at the store. In fact, most materials can be found in the art cart or the kitchen.