25 Things My Three-Year-Old Will Actually Eat

Jacoblund / Getty Images

If you have young children, you quickly realise that your little angels are finicky bastards when it comes to food, especially during the toddler years. While you try your damndest to pack them full of vitamins and nutrients, they’re busy trying to squirrel away poison and other inedibles in their chubby cheeks. Here’s a rundown of things my three-year-old will currently ingest at his own will.


25 Things My Three-Year-Old Will Actually Eat:

  1. Boogers.
  2. The middle part of a chicken nugget.
  3. Single bites out of every apple in the fruit bowl.
  4. Anything I’m eating.
  5. Nerf Darts.
  6. Slime.
  7. Foam inserts from a sports bra.
  8. Any food I deem a snack.
  9. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich without crusts.
  10. Bananas.
  11. Wrapped feminine hygiene products.
  12. Tide Pods.
  13. Loose change.
  14. Keys.
  15. Play-Doh.
  16. Makeup.
  17. Dirt.
  18. Pancakes.
  19. Bacon.
  20. Glow-sticks.
  21. Dog food.
  22. String cheese.
  23. Deodorant.
  24. Ice cream.
  25. Candy or anything that looks like candy.

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