7 Uses for Nappy Cream Other Than On Your Baby’s Bottom

Mladen Zivkovic/ Getty Images

Mladen Zivkovic/ Getty Images

I’m a busy mum of three wild kids who are constantly on the go. That means I am a magnet for awesome mum hacks that work because let’s face it, life’s little bumps can feel tragic when you’ve got kids. The best hacks are versatile and will save your hide in a pinch. For example, did you know that there are endless amazing ways to use nappy cream? Seriously. Check out these seven kickass ideas.

Chapped Face

If you’ve got a child with sensitive skin then you know that cold dry winter air can cause awful chapped cheeks and lips, which lead to painful skin and even impetigo. If lip balm isn’t doing the trick, try slathering on a layer of nappy cream at night before they go to sleep. In the morning their skin will be moisturized and less chapped. Reapply thin layers throughout the day to keep from chapping.


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Summer can leave your skin feeling sun-kissed but when that feeling sours and you have a burn, don’t worry, nappy cream can help! Not only does it soothe burned skin but it can actually help to heal it faster.

Elbow and Foot Softener

Yes, believe it or not, if you rub a thick layer of nappy cream on those rough elbows and heels and leave it on overnight, you’ll wake up with softer skin. Move over, fancy and over-priced beauty treatments!

Heals Some Rashes

Nappy cream also does wonders for temporarily relieving the itchiness and uncomfortable feeling of eczema, psoriasis, dry and itchy skin, and other types of skin rashes that lame you want to scratch.

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Keeps You Calm

If you have to do something kind of scary like public speaking or dance the floss in front of your kids then try rubbing nappy cream on the palms of your hands and it will keep them from getting that clammy yucky sweaty feel. Sadly, it doesn’t make white knuckles go away when you’re truly freaked out, though.

Chaffing Body Parts

Don’t have a thigh gap? Join the club, in the summer, chaffing thighs is the literal worst. Try slathering on a thin layer of nappy cream to keep your legs from feeling like two wet sheets of plastic sticking together.

Protects Small Scrapes and Cuts

If you’re out and about and your kiddo gets a scrapped-up knee or a small cut, you can actually use nappy cream to protect the area from getting dirty and even let it start healing. Bonus: you can protect that same scrap just like a Band-Aid if your child is swimming. The nappy cream creates a waterproof barrier to keep the skin dry while your kid splashes around in the water.

See? Mum hacks for the win! Nappy cream is truly a universal tool for mums and there are certainly many more uses for it than we can fit in this list. So, the next time you’re at the pharmacy be sure to grab a tube of nappy cream and keep it in your handbag for those wild moments in parenthood when you need a quick fix.