The New Sweet-Scented Fruit Fiestas Will Have Your Kids Flipping Out

Surprise toys are all the rage with my 5 year old daughter Mia (and I think with every other child). The release of the new Pikmi Pops, Pikmi Flips has got her very excited! Mia’s been a huge fan of the Pikmi Pops range (she sleeps with a MASSIVE Pikmi Pop every night – which she says is her best friend) so of course she was eager to find out what the new Pikmi Flips had to offer.

The newly released Pikmi Flips are a fun Fruit Fiesta theme. They’re a super soft reversible plush that actually smell like fruit! Flip them inside out & watch them transform from fruit to the cutest Pikmi animal. My daughter LOVES the fruity scent and always comes running over to me to smell her “cute” Pikmi Flips the she’s unboxed.

The most exciting element about the Pikmi Flips is not only unboxing (which of course is ALWAYS exciting). It’s also how my daughter always squeals with excitement as she unveils her new Pikmi Flips to add to her collection. Her favourite Pikmi animal has to be Charm the Unicorn because Mia is currently in a unicorn loving phase and well it’s super cute and smells scrumptious.

The other fabulous thing about the Pikmi Flips range is that your kids can hang them on their school bags. Each Pikmi Flip comes with a cord which can tie on any bag your child takes out. Mia loves being able to carry her new Pikmi Flips when she goes to preschool or out on playdates.

Now I’m sure you remember from your own childhood, that the other exciting things about collectibles was swapping them with your friends if you had double ups. With 12 Pikmi Flips to collect, Mia is now experiencing this with her own friends as they show each other what Pikmi Flips they have and swap for the ones they need. It’s really adorable to watch Mia in a social setting with her friends discussing which Pikmi Flips she has, which ones she loves and which one she is happy to swap.

The Pikmi Pops Flips come in three scents – pineapple, watermelon and strawberry. Mia’s favourite scent is watermelon but I personally love the strawberry scent. I may or may not catch myself picking one up and smelling it at times! It’s such a gorgeous scent.

Apart from the 12 collectible characters, there are Ultra Rare Pikmi Flips to be found inside the different fruits. Your kids will never know what they get until they FLIP!

The new Pikmi Pops Flips retail at $15. Find out more here.