These Really RAD Robots Are Going To Blow Your Techy Kids’ Minds

When it comes to little boys and robots you know they are going to love them. It’s no surprise my little man is obsessed with them too! The new Robots from Really RAD Robots will. No matter how cheeky your little man is these two RAD Robots will be a match made in heaven.

The first RAD ROBOT I want to introduce to you is YakBot.

YakBot is your child’s newest back chattin’ bestie. YakBot is dressed in a RAD “Cybertint” shell, so your inquisitive kids can see all the circuitry throughout. The YakBot can record your voice, answer your questions and prank your friends. What’s even better is that it’s small enough to go with you anywhere and big enough not to get lost.

This smart little Bot can record and playback a message that’s up to 10seconds long. This feature is absolutely hilarious, your child will have a blast with it. To make things even more playful the Warp feature on YakBot’s head can change the pitch of your child’s voice. What child doesn’t love a copycat?! Also, like a modern day magic 8 ball, the robot responds to YES/NO outcome answers.

So, you’ve got a little prankster in your household. Don’t worry he’s probably a natural born leader too. He does things on his accord? Yep, I’ve got one too. I think that’s why he loves the YakBot so much. Liam can show his friends how it works and play games. YakBot is also self righting, so that when you roll him he always lands eyes up. This means you can also play the hot potato game sitting, by rolling him from person to person.

The second RAD Robot is MiBro!

MiBro will be your little person’s robot partner in fun. They can team up together for some awesome antics and sneaky adventures! MiBro comes with a rad little remote your child can talk through. This is way too much fun, even I love it. Your little prankster can have fun telling jokes, give commands or talk to friends/family from around the corner. MiBro is a sneaky little sucker too. He can listen as well as talk so think of this toy as the modern day walkie talkie! Remember how much fun you had as a kid with those?

MiBro can trick, prank and surprise with his accessories and sound effects. He’s fully loaded with over 50 functions and sound effects. He also, funnily enough, makes for the perfect personal assistant. I’m not even kidding, his tray can hold refreshments or hold a phone. You’re thinking you want one for yourself now don’t you or, am I the only one? Either way this rad robot will be keeping everyone in your house on their toes, will bring endless creativity and the best of all FUN.

My favourite part of the Rad Bots is the price point. Because you know when little mister five finds out there is more than one RAD Robot he’ll want the whole gang. You’ll have a team of little RAD Robots running your household in no time.

The perfect toy for your little tech lover!

Available in toy stores now.