My Favourite New Family-Friendly Card Game

If you’re looking for a game that the whole family can enjoy, look no further! Spot It & Spot It Animals are fast-paced visual card games. The name gives the game concept away quite well. This is a game of quick hands and even quicker eyes. Who will Spot It first?

Each card in the deck has a mixture of pictures on it that, no matter how you shuffle, or, if some mysteriously go missing, like most things do in a household full of children, they will all match. The aim of the game is to Spot these matches. There will always be one image or symbol that matches on each card. The images/symbols come in all different shapes, sizes and positions making the game even more challenging and not to mention even more fun.

A great feature of the Spot It games is they come in a small compact tin, great for travel or when you’re out and about.

My boy loved these games! They’re not hard to understand like most card games and can be a great learning experience for younger children too as they’re learning what the different symbols mean and what animals, symbols and colours appear. Liam had an absolute blast playing both of the Spot It games.

The Spot It games will definitely be making an appearance at the next BBQ or dinner party to keep the kiddies entertained!

Here’s a little more information on how the games work:

Spot It has 55 cards, 8 symbols and always only one shared symbol between any two cards! Race your family and friends to a fast paced game to see who can spot the match first and test your reflexes. Spot It is recommended for 2 to 8 players, ages 6 and up. But it’s definitely not limited to these ages. This game is shore to be a new family favourite.

Spot It Animals is a variation of the smash hit game of Spot It that has been adapted for younger children. Each card has 6 colourful animals of different sizes. Between any two cards there is always one animal match. Race your family and friends in this fast paced game, spot the match first and test your reflexes.

If you’re looking for more games like this, Moose have a great diverse games portfolio which includes: Hedbanz, The Logo Board Game, Tiny Hands and Flip Slide. You can check them out at