Six-Year-Old Gets Surprise of a Lifetime After Incredible Act of Goodwill

Just when it feels like the news is filled with one negative story after the next, there’s an uplifting story that pops up every now and then that gives us hope. Which is why this story about a boy with a huge heart and his act of goodwill is quickly spreading across the Internet. Six-year-old Jermaine Bell had been saving money for as long as he can remember in order to go on a dream trip to Disney for his upcoming seventh birthday. But when Hurricane Dorian struck the Carolinas, Bell knew that his trip to Disney would have to wait.


After hearing about the evacuees needing help, Bell took all of his savings and bought hundreds of hotdogs, chips, and water to give out for free. He set up a hotdog stand with a giant sign that read, “FREE!” and he gave away food and water to anyone who needed it.

Bell told CNN affiliate WJBF, “The people that are travelling to other places, I wanted them to have some food to eat so they can enjoy the ride to the place that they’re gonna stay at.” Bell handed out meals to more than 100 evacuees on his first day with his hotdog stand. His grandmother told CNN that Bell even prayed with one family who was worried and scared that their house wouldn’t make it through the storm. Talk about an amazing kid!

Bell’s story made its way to Good Morning America who showed up at his home in Florida to interview him about his incredible act of generosity. But GMA wasn’t the only one who heard about this generous little kid. Disney caught wind too. While Bell was being interviewed, Disney magic makers gathered in his yard to give him the surprise of a lifetime; a free trip to Disney for him and his family to celebrate his seventh birthday.

In the video, Bell can be seen walking outside and around the corner of his house where he is surprised by the Disney team of magic makers all holding balloons. Seconds later, the big mouse himself makes an appearance to give Bell a great big hug and that’s when the team lets him know that his act of kindness didn’t go unnoticed because they are being sent on a trip to Disney after all.

Bell and his family are planning a trip for October where they’ll get to relax and have tons of fun together. How does Bell feel about all of this attention? He told CNN, “Be strong, and if you do good things, you will be rewarded,”

Well done, little man!