Back To School Ready With Myer

Ok, so a new year has hit us and while we soak up the sun and school holidays, let’s be honest – for us Mums, we still know in the back of our minds that there’s that back-to-school checklist we need to get through. Make sure the uniforms fit, get the backpacks and pencil cases sorted …AND school shoes!! Now for me in the past, school shoe shopping has had its shares of ups and downs. Our kids have to wear these shoes almost every day – almost 40 hours every week – so they need to be comfortable and well fitted.

My girls both have very different shaped feet – one is narrower than the other and one is a bit more fussy in the comfort department than the other. So, school shoe shopping can become a bit of a task I pop on the back burner.


HOWEVER, let me share with you my secret that really has made all the difference for me this year!!! The Shoes & Sox Fit Squad at Myer. I was blown away at how easy and fun it made the process of getting school shoes for the girls!

The team were amazing. They individually fitted my girls’ feet. They measure the width and length to help select the best fitting shoes for your child’s feet. Then they help you select the right style shoe for your kids too! The team let us try a few options but the girls absolutely LOVED the Shopkins range. The shoes are featured with Shopkins lining & also come with a bonus Shopkins toy which helps add a bit of excitement to shopping for back to school! The best part was the girls were happy and enjoyed the process – and I could get them both sorted out at one shop.

Getting our shoes fitted by the Fit Squad at Myer was so fun for the girls and for me! It really helped take the stress out of back to school shoe shopping! Take the hot tip Mamas – and get yourself down to Myer and let the team make things easy for you!

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