The 5 Best Sandboxes For Kids

Sandboxes are a tried and true toy that will have your kids playing for hours on end. But most sandboxes for kids these days are more than just a “box”. Most come in a variety of shapes and sizes and with fun and useful accessories that will have little ones digging and exploring all day long.


The mighty sandpit can also fuel kids’ imaginations. From building castles to sifting through sand to find buried treasure, sandboxes allow kids to explore and create their own special worlds.

Whether you opt for the classic green turtle, or choose for something a bit more imaginative like a pirate ship, there’s a sandpit for every kid out there – no matter what their age is. Let’s dig into our top 5 favourite sandboxes for kids, shall we?

1. Costzon Kids Wooden Sandpit with Canopy

This canopy-clad outdoor playhouse has pretty much everything your child needs to stay occupied for an hour at the very least. It shields kids from the sun and the rain so think of it as an all weather play option. There’s a non-woven fabric cloth on the bottom instead of wood so drains easily.

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2. Little Tykes Turtle Sandpit

A sandpit with cover is ideal for keeping out backyard pests and preventing water collection. Plus, the molded-in seats of this friendly turtle sandpit give kids a place to sit while playing.

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3. Creative Cedar Designs Octagon Sandpit with Cover

Looking for something to blend in with your backyard decor? This eco-friendly sandpit is made from cedar timbers and includes a green sandpit cover blend in to any backyard play setting.

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4. Little Tikes Digger Sandpit

If you’re short on space, consider a more compact sandpit. This one is a cross between a sandpit and a track toy. It comes with two construction worker characters, a sand cup, sifter, shovel, rake, and dump truck. Plus kids can use the real working excavator to dig in the sand and load up the dump truck.  The rruck ramp doubles as lid to keep sand dry

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5. Costzon Pirate Boat Wood Sandpit for Kids

Ahoy! Your little buccaneer will love this pirate ship and sandpit in one! The benches with backrests and armrests can provide kids with a comfortable place to play, plus the large storage space under the bench allows your kids to store toys and snacks inside to keep them busy for hours.

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