Sneaking A Little Math Into Playtime

You may not realise it, but opportunities to pick up a few math skills while having fun with the kids are abundant. 


Whether it’s practicing fractions while baking or working on geometry with blocks, there are tons of math-centric activities you can do at home with your little ones.  Here are our top 5 ways to sneak a little math into playtime.

  • Make a geometric shapes garland.  Use the free templates to fold all kinds of 3D shapes out of colourful paper.  Have fun stacking and building, then string them all up to make a pretty garland.
  • Play “Roll to a Hundred”.  Dice play is an easy way to build counting skills and this homemade game looks like a surefire hit with kiddos.

  • Measure the house.  Turn an ordinary scavenger hunt into a math adventure with free lists of things to measure around the house using either a ruler or measuring tape. (Bonus: there’s a link to a counting around the house printable too.)
  • Do some Lego Math.  This is definitely the most exciting “math worksheet” we’ve ever seen.
  • Make a math activity bag.  With little more than a few pipe cleaners and beads, you can put together a fun math activity bag that’s perfect for restaurants, road trips, or rainy days inside.

That’s our top 5, how do you try to incorporate math at home?