New School Year, New Playdates with LEGO JUNIORS

 My oldest son just turned 6, which means he’s at the perfect age for playdates. In theory, playdates should mean he’s occupied with his friend so that I have time to get stuff done. But after two or three of these “playdates” I’ve realised that expecting kids to entertain themselves or come up with a constructive (and not destructive) activity all by themselves is a joke. That’s why I’ve found that it’s always, always, always a good idea to plan an activity ahead of time.


Enter LEGO Juniors

My boy is really into construction vehicles so I decided to try out the new LEGO Juniors Digger set on his most recent playdate. I created a construction theme and set out a sensory tray (more on those here) with dried beans to give the boys a chance to dig as if they were in a real construction site. I also included some construction hats, cones, and even a super simple snack of “Sandy Yogurt” (yoghurt topped with graham cracker crumbs). The boys had a great time!


I must admit, my son only got into LEGO sets hardcore in the last year or so, and I was a little scared that I would get stuck building things all by myself. Nope. Not true at all. The sets are well-designed for specific age groups to help ensure that children can tackle these projects on their own (or easily work as a team with a peer or parent), so my son hasn’t been frustrated once. He’s at an age where I can see how important it is for him to build self-confidence and LEGO has done just that. He feels so incredibly proud of himself for being able to follow the directions and build the digger without any help from me!


Sometimes I just sit and watch him while he plays. I absolutely adore watching him tear into the cellophane bag that contains each LEGO set and run his little fingers across the bricks when he begins a new project. I can see his wheels are really turning, and his younger brother is getting into LEGO too. It’s sweet to see him use his own imagination to create his own masterpieces right alongside his big brother. I kid you not, LEGOs keep my boys (and their friends) busy for an hour at a time. Parents of multiple young boys know this is HUGE! Can I get an Amen?!

*This post was sponsored by LEGO