5 Unexpected Things About Labour

Sometimes I don’t think we talk about labour enough. And then other times I think we should just all be really, really quiet about it. Because labour is really something most of us would like to forget. 


But then I think… sometimes we don’t talk about labour enough. It’s really hard for newly-pregnant women to get any true idea of what’s coming up when we’re all glossing over the ‘business end’ of pregnancy. In honour of that, I wanted to share my top five unexpected experiences with labour with you. Hopefully there’s something useful here for you.

1. It lasts a long time. No. Really. I always heard horror stories of women in labour for two or three days, but didn’t believe. Until I went into labour with my oldest on a Wednesday morning and had him via emergency Caesaream on a Thursday night. On Thursday morning, we finally turned off our mobile phones and asked the nurses to hold our calls. We were tired of answering, “Is there a baby yet?” with “No.”

2. It doesn’t usually go according to plan. I had a seven page, colour-coded, numerically tabbed birth plan. It was gorgeous. And went completely out the window. I do know women who had their children according to their plans, but I think their memories might be fuzzy.

3. You don’t remember much. You’d think that the most important experience of your life would be branded on your memory. That each second would be etched into your brain. All I remember is a haze of people, pain, phone calls, pain, doctors, pains, meds, pain, bad hair, pain and strawberry jelly.

4. Don’t eat the strawberry jelly.

5. Everyone told me that I’d fall in love the second I held my baby. They were all wrong. It took less than a second.

What do you think might be coming up with your labour?

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