12 Adorable Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Pregnancy Announcement

We got a kitten when I was six years old, and man did I love that cat! Spickles was the first little creature that I could take care of, dote on, and take responsibility for in my short life. He was more tomcat than cuddly kitty, as evidenced by several scratches that I endured, but I still just loved that grouchy cat a ton.

After Spickles, we had a cocker spaniel mutt named Abbey. She was the perfect fit for our family. Friendly, loving and easy-to-train. Well into my adulthood, she was one of the best parts of coming back home to visit my parents. She lit up like she was so excited to see me. When I love a pet, I really love that pet. Now, as we debate getting a dog for our family, I think about how adding a little canine will change the dynamic of our household for the better, and how a pup will open our girls up to a new world of caring for (and about) a little fur friend. If we do adopt a pet soon, I’m sure I’ll flood Facebook with so many pictures that my friends will get sick of me.


I understand what it’s like to fall madly in love with a pet. So, trust me when I say that if you have a beloved pet, the urge to include her in your pregnancy announcement will probably seem like a no-brainer. Whether you’re having your first baby or your fifth, you’ll want to shout about your pregnancy from the rooftops. Include your pet in your photo announcement, and people are bound to coo over the joyous news. Since a cuddly baby won’t arrive for several months, your pet is the perfect snuggly companion to share the spotlight (or take centre stage) when you reveal that you’re expanding your family. While a baby will definitely change things in your household, your fur baby will always have a piece of your heart. Here are some super cute ways to include your pet in your pregnancy announcement.

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