11 Pregnancy Hacks for Keeping Cool in the Summer

When I was pregnant with my little girl, the bulk of my second trimester and the start of my third happened in the summer. And man, was that a rough summer. It was so hot and humid (a bit like the summer we are having right now!). I remember at times closing my eyes and just praying for an hour of relief. As my belly grew, so did my discomfort. And of course, it wasn’t just my midsection giving me problems. With the excess weight and general swelling of pregnancy, the summer heat felt more and more unbearable with every passing day.

And here’s the thing: Because I was pregnant, my go-to summer indulgences for beating the heat (like a cold glass of beer) were off-limits. It didn’t really matter that ice cream was a welcome treat for my exhausted, over-heated self. I needed more. With each long day of temps in the high-30s, I got smarter and smarter about how to manage the heat and make myself as cool and comfortable as possible. Here’s what worked for me. Any pregnancy hacks you’d add?


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