15 Stylish Baby Sprinkle Ideas (Without The Cheesy Stuff)

We had such a great time at our shower for baby #1. In fact, there were three different showers to celebrate kiddo’s impending arrival. We live 10 hours away from my husband’s family and 12 hours away from my parents, so both of those showers involved a road trip. Even though we got out to walk and stretch every two hours, my ankles still swelled like it was their job. Our third shower was thrown by my friends and colleagues at home. Each one was awesome, and we needed all of the things.

When I was pregnant with our second baby, all of that hoopla seemed a little unnecessary, but friends and family wanted to celebrate all the same. In comes the baby sprinkle. Yup, it may not be the full gift-fest as a shower (or it may be — that all depends on what the mum-to-be wants!). But usually, it’s more like a fun party that happens to involve a baby-centric theme. And, since we already had bottles, onesies, a baby monitor, and other basics from our first baby, we didn’t need to register for any new baby gear. But, a nappy cake is always appreciated, because you really can’t pass those down from one kid to the next.

If you’re in the mood to celebrate baby #2 (or, 3, 4, or 5), check out this roundup of super stylish baby sprinkle ideas. They range from actual sprinkles that top cakes to raindrop-themed ideas to really bring the “sprinkle” idea home.

More Baby Sprinkle Ideas: