Getting My Own Health Coach Has Been a Game Changer

Did you see my article about getting a Get Healthy in Pregnancy coach to help keep me on track during my pregnancy? I wrote it just after I had my first session and I promised to update you. Well, time has passed and this pregnancy isn’t slowing down anytime soon!

My friend – okay, my health coach but she’s just so nice — has been calling me right on time. She’s like the bestie I’ve never met in real life. Every Thursday she calls between 9am – 10am like clock work. With the program, you get 10 calls over a six month period, but I’ve opted to have a weekly chat to help me stay on track. Do what works for you!

My lifestyle and goals

As I explained in my last article, my goal is to be as healthy as I can so my caesarean recovery time is quicker. Well, with the help of my health coach, I’ve made my overall goal into little goals that I can focus on and manage. Like walking 4 times a week for just 30 minutes; I can increase the time I walk if I like, it’s all up to me. I’m also trying to eat salmon once a week and eat greens every day. Another goal is doing some basic pregnancy yoga once or twice a week.




Okay, I’m not exactly running a marathon whilst drinking a green smoothie in my yoga gear, but there are some things I am doing better:

  • I’m sleeping better.
  • I’m not as snappy.
  • I’m a lot calmer.
  • I poo really regularly. Seriously! TMI?
  • And I feel more comfortable.

I was thinking that doing the Get Healthy in Pregnancy program meant I was going to be doing some hard diet/exercise program, but that didn’t happen at all. My health coach has been amazing. She’s made it simple to follow and always offers me support and suggestions. My notes have been passed onto my doctor and midwife, so I feel like we’re all in it together.

Mel Watts - Get Healthy in Pregnancy Health Coach

My overall result

This program is so much more than I thought it would be. My health coach has been incredible in listening to me and giving me guidance that suits me to a tee. The program isn’t there for us to feel bad about ourselves. It’s created so we can get some tips to improve our overall health, no matter our goals and no matter our body size. With the regular phone calls, I’ve managed to stay on track and keep focused in a way I would definitely struggle with on my own.

Do I recommend this program?

I’ve read so many books, articles, advice pages over my four pregnancies and I’ve really only needed Get Healthy in Pregnancy for health and fitness. It helps you turn everything you’ve read or wished for into an action plan that feels achievable.  The phone calls from my health coach make me accountable and it actually feels nice to know someone will be calling me to make sure I’m going okay. She wants to know how I went and helps me set goals for the week ahead. It’s like having a pregnancy health and wellbeing book come to life, so I definitely recommend this program.

Get Healthy in Pregnancy has clearly been great for me. Even better, my new bestie (okay, okay, my health coach) will call me to see how I’m going after the birth too!

Click here so you can to try the program too.