My Pregnancy Drink Of Choice

It’s hard to believe I am officially done with pregnancy! It’s true what people say, when you look back over those nine or ten months it feels like they just flew by.

It is also very true that energy levels are almost non-existent as you approach your due date. Well that certainly was the case for me, (I blame being pregnant over a hot Melbourne summer).

I was first introduced to aquamamma® early on in my pregnancy at the Pregnancy, Baby and Children’s expo. I had no idea that a product like this was available for Pregnant women. aquamamma® is developed by an Obstetrician and contain specific ingredients for pregnant and breastfeeding mummas. Think added vitamins, electrolytes and folic acid.

My Pregnancy Drink Of Choice

As I approached my induction date I’m not sure if it was all the excitement and nerves, or just being almost 40 weeks pregnant, but my energy levels were getting oh so low. Afternoon naps were happening everyday yet I knew I had so much to prepare before Flynn’s arrival and needed to make the most of my baby-free time.

I started having aquamamma® every morning when I woke, and also in the afternoon if I felt myself fading, (which was pretty much everyday), and they really helped to give me a little burst of energy to power through. Plus they tasted delicious.

Now aquamamma® is helping me through the next phase of this whole journey! They’re so good for a little (low-sugar) energy hit during those long night feeds.

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Mixed Berry

Lemon and Orange

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