The 7 Best Pregnancy Podcasts to Listen To

You might not have the energy to run or even walk during much of your pregnancy, but keep in mind that movement is very important. It has been proven to reduce bloating and swelling, help you sleep better, boost mood and energy and prevent excess weight gain. Not to mention that labor is very physically intense and you can use the muscles you build before and during pregnancy to help you through it. Of course, we can’t control how we feel during those nine months, but one thing that does make walking less tedious is popping in AirPods and getting lost in a truly informative pregnancy podcast. 


It feels like there are endless pregnancy-themed podcasts. Most of them are repetitive, drawn out and often downright boring – not so with the ones we’ve rounded up below. Read on for a look at some of our favourite pregnancy podcasts, all of which are as informative as they are engaging.

Informed Pregnancy Podcast

Hosted by Elliot Berlin, a chiropractor to the stars in California, Informed Pregnancy Podcast features some of Berlin’s clients before giving birth as well as after. This pregnancy podcast is a great reminder to be prepared for things to not go as planned! Many of the guests sharing their pregnancy journeys are celebrities like Hilary Duff and Mandy Moore. Berlin also has podcasts where he interviews doctors and specialists to cover common pregnancy concerns like working out, severe nausea and prenatal diagnostic testing.


Birthful is hosted by Adriana Lozada and in her podcasts she alternates between interviews with perinatal professionals and birth stories with new parents. She covers everything from home births to emergency c-sections and everything in between.

Healthy Births, Happy Babies

On each episode of Healthy Births, Happy Babies host Dr. Jay Warren interviews experts that share helpful information about how to feel safe, supported and empowered during your pregnancy and birth. Episodes cover  prenatal care, natural childbirth, postnatal care and pediatric care with popular birth educators such as Dr. Capetanakis, Care Messer, Anna Verwaal, Dr. Michel Odent, Dr. Sarah Buckley, Penny Simkin, Barbara Harper and Snoo inventor Dr. Harvey Karp.

Infertile AF

Brooklyn-based journalist and mom-of-two Ali Prato, who went through IVF herself, talks to women and sometimes men or couples, about their infertility journey in her podcast, Infertile AF. Many of the podcast episodes are emotional and they don’t always have a happy ending, but they’re all informative and enlightening as to how many paths there are to a baby.

Pregnancy Podcast

Pregnancy Podcast‘s goal is to help expecting parents get answers and insight via evidence-based information. Topics covered include ones related to pregnancy, birth and being a new parent. Most of the episodes are under 30 minutes so they’re relatively quick and easy to digest and though host Vanessa Merten isn’t a doctor, she only quotes evidenced-based research as she discusses things like signs of labour, pain management and birth recovery.

The Birth Hour

If birth stories are your jam, look no further than The Birth Hour. You’ll get insight into hypnobirthing and various other pain management strategies, what it’s like to give birth during a pandemic, twin births, vacuum, forceps and plenty of other highs and lows that come along with giving birth so when the time comes you feel as prepared as you possibly can be.

The Hyperemesis Files Podcast

Hyperemesis is a severe form of nausea. You might have heard of the condition because both Amy Schumer and Kate Middleton dealt with the debilitating diagnosis during their pregnancy journeys. The Hyperemesis Files Podcast explores the condition by interviewing the women who suffered through it. It’s hard to mitigate the symptoms of hyperemesis, but for women who are pregnant and suffering it can help to learn how others got through the bumps. Many care providers don’t know much about this conditions so it’s important for you or your partner to be proactive if you’re suffering.

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