20 Totally Posh British Baby Names

If you’re looking for a stylish and unique baby name, consider one of these British baby names that are popular across the Pacific.

British Baby Names for Girls


While German in origin, Alice has been properly British for centuries—think: the classic heroine of Alice in Wonderland and Queen Victoria’s second daughter. The British baby name means “noble” and is commonly considered a front-runner as a potential royal baby name. It’s currently in the top 20 in the U.K.


A nice alternative to the uber-popular Emily and Emma here, but Amelia outranks both these names in the U.K. It’s currently the third most popular girls’ name across the pond. Amelia means “work.”


A timeless classic here and in the U.K., Elizabeth is the name given to two of Britain’s longest-reigning queens. It means “consecrated to God.”


You could consider this British baby name, which means “flourishing,” a place name based on the legendary Italian city. It’s currently in the top 20 in the U.K., but much less popular here.


Featured in Shakespeare, Imogen is a popular pick in England, but barely ever heard here. Imogen means “maiden.”


Aussie actress Isla Fisher is the most famous bearer of this British favourite, which means “island.”


This cheerful floral name is barely is in 12th place in the U.K.


A witchy-wonderful baby name pick, Rhiannon scored some popularity here after the Fleetwood Mac hit. Rhiannon is a Welsh name that means “divine queen.”


The second-longest reigning monarch in England was 19th century’s Queen Victoria. The British baby name is a likely contender for a future use as a royal baby name, and it means “victory.”

British Baby Names for Boys


Maybe the red-headed goofball comic book character has thrown people in Aus off of this name in the past, but with the new modern take on CW’s Riverdale, it’s time for it to be reconsidered here. Archie is usually short for Archibald, but it’s a top 20 favourite across the pond. Archie means “brave.”


A potential pick for a future prince, Arthur was the legendary king who assembled the Knights of the Round Table. Arthur means “bear.”


A cousin to Scottish royal name Malcolm, Callum means “dove.” It’s currently 40 in Scotland.


A common royal name, and the current front-runner for William and Kate’s next baby, Edward is a top 25 name in the U.K. It means “wealthy guardian.”


Actor Ewan McGregor is this Scottish name’s claim to fame. It has a poetic meaning, “born of the yew tree.”


The British tend to favour nicknames as official names, with Archie, Alfie, Theo, and Freddie all in the top 30. Freddie is short for Frederick, which means “peaceful ruler.” Rock icon Freddie Mercury is the most famous bearer of the name.


The Brits are wild about Harry, whether it’s because of the younger prince or the literary Boy Who Lived. Harry is currently the second most popular name in the U.K.. The name means “ruler,” and is often used as a nickname for a more popular British baby name here —Henry.


Hollywood has had plenty of leading men sporting this short-and-sweet name, including Hugh Jackman, Hugh Grant, and Hugh Laurie. Hugh means “intellect.”


Britain’s top boys’ name is almost as popular here. It means “olive tree” and is most commonly associated with the hero of Charles Dickens’ classic, Oliver Twist.


Oscar is currently a top 10 favourite in England. Author Oscar Wilde, muppet Oscar the Grouch, and the top film award are the most noted namesakes. The name has a fierce meaning, “warrior.”


A pair of British Ruperts give this tweedy name some cool cache—actor Rupert Grint, most famously known as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer lead Rupert Giles.

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