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10 Margarita Recipes You’ll Want to Sip All Day Long

I don’t know about you, but with Cinco de Mayo just around the corner, I’m in the mood for some refreshing margaritas. Though the classic margarita recipe is a great staple to master, I like to venture out of the margarita glass and find other ways to enjoy this classic cocktail.

See, margaritas are ridiculously simple to make—tequila, lime juice, and some orange liqueur, like triple sec, are all you need—but there are about as many creative margarita recipes out there as there are reasons to drink one! And the best way to pick your favourite margarita recipe is to experiment. A LOT.


But before you start whipping up one of these 10 creative margarita recipes in your kitchen, let’s make sure you’ve mastered the traditional margarita recipe (after all, it’s a classic for a reason).

Basic Margarita Recipe


  • 1 ½ ounces (1 shot glass) of silver tequila’
  • ¾ ounces (1/2 shot glass) of triple sec
  • 1 ½ ounces (1 shot glass) of lime juice
  • Ice


  • Shake the ingredients together.
  • Rim your glass with salt and serve with a lime wedge garnish. It’s really that easy.

If you are feeling a little more daring, check out these other margarita recipes for some tasty inspiration. Whether you’re a fan of spicy and savoury flavors or prefer something less conventional and sweet (birthday cake or cotton candy margaritas, anyone?), this list of margarita recipes has you covered. Keep reading for the best margarita recipes around. Cheers!

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