The Fallen Harvest Cocktail Recipe

  • I love getting our home ready for fall. We’ll set out pumpkins, rake leaves into giant piles, and break out the simmer pots filled with cinnamon and cloves. Once decorating is done and the kids are fast asleep, it’s nice to be rewarded with a festive cocktail. 

    Here’s my favourite fall harvest cocktail recipe, inspired by the harvest season, that’ll warm you up as the weather gets chillier.




    The Fallen Harvest: Holiday Cocktail

    Pumpkin spice liqueur and a touch of nutmeg make this the must-drink cocktail of the fall.

    Servings: 1


    • bourbon (pictured is Buffalo Trace Bourbon): 2 oz.
    • pumpkin spice liqueur (pictured is Hiram Walker): 1¼ oz.  
    • bourbon cream liqueur (pictured is Buffalo Trace Cream): 1½ oz.
    • black walnut bitters (pictured is Fee Brothers Bitters): a few dashes
    • ground cinnamon: ⅛ tsp.
    • ground nutmeg: ⅛ tsp.
    • ground all spice: ⅛ tsp.
    • egg white: for some froth (optional) 



    Step 1: Shake in a cocktail shaker with a handful of ice cubes.

    Step 2: Place either 1–2 ice cubes or a giant cocktail cube in the glass.

    Step 3: Pour over ice.

    Step 4: Garnish with a crushed cinnamon stick.


     Photography by Cassandra Eldridge

    Cocktail by Trent Parks

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