11 Unexpected Egg Roll Recipes The Whole Fam Will Love

Have you ever been curious when an American TV show or movie mentions egg rolls from their local Chinese? What exactly is an egg roll and why don’t we have them in Australia?

I can assure you that an egg roll is not a Chinese version of an Aussie bacon and egg roll. Rather, it’s quite similar to a Chinese spring roll, only made with a thick egg wrapper. You can make some at home with our own favourite flavors. Southwestern egg rolls are my faves, while my son Kai loves a good dessert egg roll. Although, really, who wouldn’t?

You can make your own Chinese egg roll wrappers from scratch using ingredients you probably already have on hand. Egg roll wrappers are primarily made of flour and egg, so no matter what you stuff in them—from pizza toppings to apple pie filling—they’re a crispy, neutral-flavoured way to roll anything up into a bite-size snack.

Check out my family’s favourite unexpected egg roll recipes in the slideshow.

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