15 Easiest Kid-Friendly Sheet Pan Dinners

I’m officially obsessed with the idea of sheet pan (or oven pan) dinners. It’s sort of like the one-pot meal idea or the throw-everything-in-a-slow-cooker type of meal. Meats and veggies and seasonings are all piled onto a pan and baked in the oven, and then boom—that’s dinner! The best part? Cleaning up. Just one oven pan needs to be washed and you’re done. One thing that I really like to do when I make these types of meals is to line my pan with a heavy duty foil or baking paper, and then cleaning up is even easier. Here are fifteen great oven pan dinner recipes to get you started. The key to these recipes are that they’re super family-friendly, so you’re not stuck making a second meal for the kids.

More super-easy dinner ideas: