15 Beef Crock Pot Recipes Even Your Picky Kid Will Love

In my household, beef is one of those ingredients that we shelf in the summer. When the weather is warm, I often opt for turkey mince if we’re grilling burgers. But once the cooler weather hits, my kids and I start craving warm comforting bowls of beef goulash and chili—and turkey substitutes will no longer do. My kids’ palates are still not 100% ready for big ol’ grilled steaks; they much prefer beef that’s fork-tender or ground.

That’s why these beef Crock Pot recipes are on regular rotation in my household in the fall and winter months. The best part about these select recipes is that even though the beef is juicy and perfectly flavored, the amount of effort you have to put into them is minimal. Check them all out in the slideshow.


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