31 Easy-to-Make Alternatives to French Fries (Kids Love These!)

No matter how many different foods I introduce to my son, he inevitably asks for “French fries”. Maccas has a lot to answer for! While I’ve tried to appease him with other veggies that I think he might go for, the struggle always remains the same—he’s fries or die. I’ve finally realised the trick to a side my kid will devour just as quickly as chips is to mimic the texture and look of fries using other foods, however humanly possible. Whether it’s in shape, texture, flavour or “dipability“, some combination of those four factors seems to be the magic formula that has him requesting something else other than chips with his meals. Right now he’s partial to sweet potato chips with a little cinnamon added. While it’s not exactly a heaping serve of kale salad, it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Chances are you’ve racked your brains trying to come up with foods that aren’t chips that your kids will eat, too. I’ve got a few healthier alternatives for you to whip up right at home in your kitchen, guaranteed to make your kids forget about fries entirely.

Check them out in the slideshow.

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Easy French Fries Alternatives