Meet The Fun-Loving, Fancy Fish That My Kids Are Suddenly Obsessed With

We had a little bit of a pet tragedy in our family the other week. My daughter’s fish died. She was super brave, but it was still a little sad. He was a pretty old…for a fish I guess you could say – but now we have an empty fish bowl that looks rather sad and I really need to put it away.

You can imagine my relief and the happiness that my daughter had when we discovered Little Live Pets – Lil’ Dippers. The most cute and fun loving fish – that will keep your kids smiling.


The girls absolutely love their new Lil’ Dipper – Unicornsea, part of the Lil’ Dippers Fish Tank Playset. The unboxing experience is quite exciting as she discovers her new home! She comes in her own little clamshell and, when filled with water, she comes to life and will swim out into her tank to explore. The tank has cute decorations so she will feel right at home, and she moves just like a real fish.

Part of the fun of having a fish, is feeding them. It’s certainly the most interactive part of owning a fish. Unicornsea comes with her own little feeding bottle and when you hold it on the outside of the tank, she swims over to meet you for a little feed. She’s very sweet!

Now if you’re looking for a fish that maybe instead the kids wouldn’t need a tank for, I would recommend trying the Little Live Pets’ Lil’ Dippers that come in the bag. You simply dip the bag in water and as it fills, the fish begin to swim (like bringing it home from a fish store!) They also come with a feeding bottle – and there’s a few different fish to collect and they have different personalities!

A sweet little pet for your kids to love and enjoy!

Available now at Kmart, Big W & Target, and all major toy stores.