These Exploding, Colourful Racers Are A Whole Lot Of Fun!

Image: Supplied

Buckle up your seatbelts, and turn on the ignition, Boom City Racers are the collectable cars that rip out of their fireworks rocket launcher and explode apart on impact. And you NEED to collect them all.

What’s more fun than a racing car? A Boom City Racer! They are designed for speed with a super-fast flywheel inside. They launch, speed off and then explode on impact! But it doesn’t end there, because you can easily put them back together and off you go again. This ha been a huge source of joy for my kids. They love the drama of the explosions, only to piece their racers back together again in a jiffy!


With 24 cars to collect in Season One, you can build up your team from the hottest machines and take on everything the road throws at you. It’s all about RIP, RACE………EXPLODE! Which car will be the fastest? Who will actually make it to the end of the track without bursting?

From the second they are launched from their rocket-shaped launchers, the fun is on, flying down the track. Until, BOOM – one car slams into the coffee table and it’s out of the race! How fast can the pit team get it back together?

If you want hours of Boom City Racer fun, then you need the Boom City Racers Fireworks Factory, with three fun, explosive ways to play. It really is the best way to play with all your Boom City Racers and allows you to try out all your cars, testing their speed.

The playset comes with one “Da Boss” car, but you can pair it with any of your other Boom City Racers to play the two-player FAST BLAST challenge, try to be the first to hit the factory wall and fire up the rockets. The squeals of excitement when the rockets launch into the air on impact are awesome.

Launch your racer at the factory door to burst open the whole factory and BOOM! Rockets launch and the factory bursts open. It’s easy to reset though and play, again and again, testing which car gets there quicker and trying to see how quickly you can make the factory explode.

Take on the Double Trouble Ramp Jump for even more action, where you pit yourself against another car and try to get a mid-air explosion. The explosion involves perfect timing, speed and an awesome launch, so you aren’t guaranteed to get it right every time…but when you do “YEAH! WE DID IT!” comes from the kids and they quickly reset and do it again. How many mid-air collisions can they get in a row?

You can’t beat the fun with these Boom City Racers from Moose Toys. Seriously, they are collectable, fast, super colourful…and did I mention… THEY EXPLODE!

Available now at Kmart, Big W & Target, and all major toy stores.