Not Quite Ready To Make The Leap To A Family Pet? Meet Squeakee The Robotic Dog

If your family is anything like mine, there is a very popular topic of conversation this year. 2020 really does seem like the year that everyone has got a puppy or some sort of family pet. But pets are a big commitment and there’s A LOT to consider – not to mention the current demand and price in this current climate.

My girls are begging us to get a puppy and while part of me loves the idea, I’ll be honest, part of me just is not sure if I can really handle another little mouth to feed, toilet train and clean up after. Family pets need constant care. I always ask my kids, “who is going to be in charge of feeding, cleaning, picking up after the puppy.” I’m just not sure if we are ready to make that (what sometimes seems giant) leap to a family pet.


Enter – a solution. Yep, no need to fret and think you’re going to let the kids down by saying no to a real puppy! Let me help you out with a little tip….. Meet Squeakee – The Robotic Dog. And he could just be your saving grace!

Let me tell you about Squeakee. While he does look like a balloon pet you get at a fair that your kids pop on the way home and end up in tears about – he is SO MUCH MORE! He is the first ever balloon pet that comes to life just like a real puppy! With over 60 different functions, he will keep your kids entertained! Squeakee will respond to their voices, has his own sounds and movements and your little ones can feed him with the pump accessory that comes in the box – and then when he is full, he will even pee or fart! I don’t know about you, but my kids love those little features on toys!

Squeakee also comes with a Squeaker toy that you can use to train him to sit or beg – just like a real puppy. And he loves to play with the squeaker too! And just for an extra bit of fun, you can ‘pop’ him with his own pin (included) and then inflate him up again using his pump!

Whether you’re just not ready to make the leap, or perhaps need to just dip your toe in the imaginary water – Squeakee is the perfect companion for your family!

Available in stores now.