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These Toys Will Last Your Kids At Least A Year

We all want a ton of activities to keep our kids busy, so we often fill their rooms with a wide range of toys, but that isn’t necessarily the best approach. Children don’t actually need that much (toy rotation is a great tactic to try to maximize use) and while there are no guarantees – a toy one child may love, may not appeal in the least to another – it’s often better to be strategic and focus on quality rather than quantity.

Toys that encourage discovery of skills through hands-on tactile play and ones that encourage imagination are important. Besides quality in design, quality in material is also important to bear in mind. Better toys not only last longer – in terms of passing down from one child to another but also, usually, in terms of how long a child will be entertained by them. Try to have a few toys made from natural materials in your mix (think wood) as they’re the healthiest, safest and often best for encouraging imaginative play.


Here’s a look at beautifully made toys that provide fun and educational value, plus entertainment for at least 12 months. They suit a variety of age ranges.

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